What's New! #4
(Older News Items January - April 1999)

Please Note: Some of the links may be out of date since these news items are now outdated. I'm keeping them here for new collectors.


Winter Whirlwind: Dave from G&L Christmas & Gift Barn let me know that he now has a copy of Dean's sketch for the piece. Fitz and Floyd won't let him post the sketch online because it's Dean's artwork. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, however, you can see the sketch in the store. And if you haven't reserved your piece yet, make sure you do!

Millennium piece: A few people have asked me where you will be able to buy A World of Good Wishes. G&L will definitely have the piece. Other stores should be able to order the piece, but it will probably be a special order. Make sure you ask your local stores about it now; the demand so far has been pretty high. That's why Fitz and Floyd hasn't decided the quantity of the piece yet. If it's a high quantity, I doubt the piece will be hand numbered.


Retirements: All of the Teeny Tiny Tails are now retired! Go figure.

New 1999 pieces: Collecto-Mania has also received the new Squashville pieces. They also have a couple each of Great Oak Town Hall, Cantaloupe Cathedral, and Mushroom Depot. They still have A Collection of Friends, as well as some other retired pieces.

New NALED special edition: Friendship in Bloom is now out! Stiers got them in the other day (orders over $50 get free shipping). Thanks so much to Wendy for letting me know.


Signed pieces: At least one store has been offered signed retired pieces if they purchase a certain amount of Charming Tails. More details as I get them.

A World of Good Wishes: The millennium piece, A World of Good Wishes, will be a special edition limited to about 7,500 pieces, not 5,000 as previously reported from the ICE show in Long Beach. Dave from G&L Christmas & Gift Barn let me know that the piece was selling so well to retailers that Fitz and Floyd had increased the number, and not even this number was set in stone yet. It may also be hand numbered. I think A Collection of Friends from last year was the last piece we had actually hand numbered.

Rosemont: I thought that I would be able to attend this year, but it looks like that won't happen. I had to quit my part-time job (not to be confused with my full-time job) because they wanted to increase my hours. So that leaves me with no way to make extra money and thus no way to get to Rosemont! I am very disappointed about this and not getting to meet you, but sometimes good sense has to win out (drat).


Concepts Direct: In case you haven't heard from the posts, Take Time to Notice Those around You is indeed sold out. I hope you all got a chance to get one! Does anyone know if Stack-O-Sweeties is sold out yet?

New 1999 pieces: Cool and Collected Fine Gifts & Collectibles has also received four each of the Squashville pieces.

Retirements: Dave from G&L Christmas & Gift Barn confirmed the list of retired pieces I posted yesterday.


New 1999 pieces: Sparkling Rose has received about four each of the Squashville pieces:

1999 retirements: Fitz and Floyd has announced five new retirements:

GCC exclusive: What's the Buzz has begun to be shipped out.


GCC exclusive: Someone sent me new photos of What's the Buzz. This should be coming out May 1, maybe sooner.

Roman bunnies: I posted a few more pictures of some Roman bunnies Dean designed before Charming Tails on the Photos of Giftware page.


NALED exclusive: OK, I'm back! Let the posting begin. Scooter was wonderful enough to send me a pic of Friendship in Bloom. It may be released earlier than May from what I've heard.

Club newsletter: While I was gone, the Squashville Gazette was delivered, the first one for this new year. More details once I get a chance to read it. It did say that the incentive piece for renewing wouldn't be mailed out until May.


Paper Moon signing: OK, really, no more updates until about Thursday. But for now, Becky let me know that there isn't a contradiction about the signing. If you're actually attending the event, you will get the second piece signed (the one you have to purchase to be able to purchase the signing piece, This One's Yours). If you're doing mail order, however, they will not guarantee the second piece signed. It's walk in versus call in.


Giftware: I've added some photos of the Bouncing Baby Bunnies that Dean did for Roman. Check them out on the Photos of Giftware page. I'll be adding more soon.


Signing event at Paper Moon: Paper Moon Hallmark will not be taking any orders for the signing event piece, This One's Yours, until May 1. Their signing is May 23. The signing piece will be the only piece guaranteed, and you must buy one other piece to get the signing piece. The second piece is not guaranteed to be signed.

Signing policy: Suzanne also added the following information about Paper Moon. It looks like we have conflicting information about whether they will let Dean sign the piece you have to purchase with the signing piece. Suzanne was told that under no circumstances could she substitute a piece from home in place of a piece she purchased for the signing. Fitz and Floyd is only allowing new pieces to be signed. Paper Moon seemed pretty adamant. Suzanne says that Dean also told collectors at the Fling that he would not promise to sign any more than the event piece for the signings since it got out of control last year. To Suzanne, Paper Moon said he WOULD sign the purchased piece in addition to the event piece.

Signing event at Designers Center: They require a $20 purchase for the event piece, instead of just a purchase with the signing piece.

No updates to site: I will be going on vacation next week on Wednesday and will be in and out. So, there will be no updates to this site for about a week. That includes the Buy/Sell/Trade List.


Ring around the Rosie: The members only piece is starting to come in. A nice person sent me some photos. Looks great!

Squashville Social Club elections: Well, I didn't win, but there's always next year. Thanks to those who voted for me. You're why I do this.


Simply Christmas exclusive: The owner had asked that the information not be posted on the Internet yet, but a store clerk made a mistake and told Cathy it could be posted. So now that the information's out, I can tell you about it (though it was just killing me!). The piece is called Snow Shoe Sweetie and has one of the characters with peppermint snowshoes (reminiscent of the Peppermint Bears giftware). The piece will be limited to 3,000 (I believe), which is the smallest run Fitz and Floyd will do. You can call Simply Christmas at (800) 835-8990 to reserve your piece. They don't have a picture of it yet, and the proof has not been reviewed. They'll take your name (no money right now) and let you know when the piece is ready for ordering.

Prototypes: I've made a new page for all the prototypes we've been getting pictures of. Suzanne sent me a photo of the one for The Honeymoon's Over too. I think I like this one better with bunnies, actually....


Photos of prototype and sketch: For those of you who haven't seen them yet, Suzanne Gamble sent me a photo of the prototype for Harvest Time Honeys and of the original sketch for Frosty Leaf Santa. Go to the Fling page to check them out.

Mistake in 1999 catalog: "Angels" noticed that the 1999 catalog has Sticky Situations listed as being introduced in 1991. This is a mistake--Charming Tails weren't even released in 1991!


Fling "tag": I finally got a chance to scan in one of the tags that Dean was giving out at the Flamingo Fling. Check it out on the Fling page. Sandy was sooo nice to give me one. And wasn't Dean sweet to think of the collectors like that?


NALED: Angie and Linda sent a clarification about the NALED pieces. Following the Christmas Star is the NALED exclusive to be released this year. Diving into the Holidays and O Mackenzie Tree are NALED early releases that should come out May 2000.

Elections: I really do not like to campaign, but here's just my request. I'd appreciate your voting for me for president of the Squashville Social Club. It would mean a lot to me. Don't assume someone else is going to vote. I think the election will be very close this year. Also, don't forget to vote for the other positions too. The club needs your support. The deadline is this Sunday. E-mail Angie (twink007@mediaone.net) AND Carol (cburb@cjnetworks.com) to cast your vote. Enough said. :-)


Club elections: Be sure to cast your vote for the new officers for the Squashville Social Club. You can find out who's running and how to cast your vote on the club page. Yes, I'm running for president this year!

Q&A with Dean: Tracy gave Dean a letter with some questions and got these answers back. She was nice enough to share them with us.

Q. Bunnie has one baby (Christmas Stroll, Follow in my Footsteps). Since when do bunnies only have one at a time?

A. Bunnie is so tiny she can only have one baby at a time!

Q. New Arrival came out in 1994, but Mackenzie and Maxine weren't married until 1998. Was this an illegitimate mouse?

A. Mackenzie and Maxine did start their family before marriage only because they were sooo much in love!

Q. I had heard that Tea Party Train Ride is to be the last addition to the train. What about Sebastian and Sabrina?

A. Sebastian and Sabrina might be late for the train, but we'll all see soon how they play "catch up"!

Along for the Ride: It looks like the photo from the Fling was reversed. It's very easy to reverse slides. I've flipped it back on the Fling page. :-)


Silvestri elves: Finally I have pictures up of all the Silvestri elves we know about. There's a first! Dean did these as a part of the Snow Makers series (non-Charming Tails). Enjoy!


New pieces: Angie sent me photos of drawings of some new pieces. The NALED exclusive is Diving into the Holidays. She also send pictures of Mackenzie Tree and Following the Christmas Star. She had some trouble taking photos of the pictures, but I did a little work on them.

California signing: Maria let me know that the signing on August 14 at Designer's Center is really in San Bruno, California, not San Bernadino. I'm sorry if this has caused anyone any inconvenience.


Along for the Ride: Tracy noticed that the side car for this piece is in a different position from the picture we have on the Flamingo Fling page and the one from the new pictures Dave has posted. It could be that the slide from the Fling was reversed. We'll see for sure when the piece comes out!


NALED exclusive: Angie found out some information on the next NALED piece. It's called Diving into the Holidays. It has Maxine and Mackenzie, one in a cup of egg nog and one diving into the cup from a bent spoon. Thanks to Angie for posting the info.

Another new piece: Angie also saw a piece called Following the Star (or something like that). It has Binkey, Mackenzie, and Chauncey (she thinks) with gifts, following a bright star.

Card from Dean: Angie had a great day today! She also got a note from Dean. Check out the picture of the card she sent me. How neat!

Signing piece: I assume you guys have seen a picture of the new 1999 signing piece that I have on my intro page. It's called This One's Yours.


GCC exclusive: Some nice person sent me a photo of what the fall GCC piece will look like. It's called Are the Earrings Too Much? It will sell for $18.00 and should be released November 13, 1999.

New pieces: Big news! Charming Dave has done it again. He's posted pictures of new pieces to be released in April, that aren't even in the catalog. How did they keep these a secret? <g> Two of the pieces are ones they showed pictures of at the Flamingo Fling. Three pieces are completely new to us, and there are sketches of two other pieces not yet seen. Notice the reappearance of our friend the duck.

Exclusive piece: News on a new exclusive special edition like the one Dave got for G&L coming soon! I can't spill the beans yet, but never fear, you'll hear about it here when the news is released. It will be a different piece from Dave's but will probably be a small run as well. A very few stores may have other exclusives.


Club pieces: Kay wrote me about her experience with customer service at Fitz and Floyd. She called to find out about her club exclusive piece, and they told her they would only talk to the store about the piece, not a customer. So, you'll have to get your store to call (give them your order number). That seems like a backward way of doing things and doesn't help the customer much if you have an uncooperative or very busy store. I just wanted to warn you that you might get this answer if you call.

Web site reorganization: As you may have noticed from the main page, I'm reworking the organization of the web site a little. It's grown so large that it's a little hard to find information. I'm hoping this will help. If you have any suggestions, just let me know.


Signing schedule: Bob and Darlene let me know that there are still two signings to be added to Dean's schedule. So there's still hope for use yet! :-)

Towels: Becky sent me some photos of the towels auction off at the Flamingo Fling. Really cute--wish we could have some! Go to the Flamingo Fling page to a see the photos.


Original drawing: Linda sent me a photo of the original drawing that was auctioned at the Flamingo Fling, Sometimes Love Is Berry Shy.

Christmas afghan: Rona added to her report some information on the Christmas throw. It seems the one at the Fling was a prototype. It has Mackenzie in grey, which will be changed to brown. Go to the Flamingo Fling page to a see a photo of it.

Radko artist's proof: Linda sent a photo of a prototype for one of the new Radko pieces. Check it out on the Flamingo Fling page.

Auction pieces: Cindy added some information about the items for sale. Check it out on the Flamingo Fling page.

Club incentive: Kevin found out some interesting information from the Leaf and Acorn Club. First, he asked about the incentive piece. It looks like they finally cracked (after all of us asking?)! It's a new lapel pin. From Rona's report on the bulletin board, it sounds like it will complement You Are My Shining Star, maybe a pin of the piece?

Club exclusives: Kevin also found out some things about shipments. The last shipment the club received of Maxine's Leaf Collection and A Growing Friendship was back in November. They are getting another shipment of them on March 26, and the retail stores should have them for the members the first or second week of April. The Leaf and Acorn Club is sent everything by Fitz and Floyd and distribute the pieces--that's all they do. They do not know when anything will be in. If you want to check on your order, call Fitz & Floyd directly at (800) 527-9550 and ask for Customer Service. Make sure you tell them you are a consumer and not a store. They will ask for the store where the order was placed and can read off all the people who have the pieces on order there.

Club kits: Kevin asked about the kits. This is something the Leaf and Acorn Club handles. Fitz and Floyd sends them the kits, and then it's up to the club to distribute them. They didn't know why some people were experiencing delays.


Fling print: Larry and Susanne Katz let me use their photo of the print from the Flamingo Fling, called You Are the Apple of My Eye. How cute!

Prototypes: More info on two of the prototypes I posted. The exact names are Booo! (a forerunner of the piece produced last year) and Many Thanks. More than one exists of each of these, but we don't have an exact number.


Fling News: Rona (Autumn) sent an amazingly detailed report I posted on the Flamingo Fling page. Don't miss this one! Also, don't forget to check the pics of the signing piece for 1999 and two new pieces to be released.


Flamingo Fling pics: Larry and Susanne sent me some photos from the event. Check them out.

1999 catalog: Alana noticed that some pieces didn't have "NEW" next to them in the catalog like they should: Sugar Time Band Float and New Decorations.

Club kit: It took me a while, but I figured out what the plastic bag was for! In the club kit, there was a small plastic bag between the pages of the thank-you card. When I picked up my club pin on my shelf, I noticed the pin from 1998 was in a plastic bag, while the one from 1999 wasn't. I tried it, and the 1999 club pin fit in it! My husband said it was self-evident, but I thought I'd let you know in case you didn't get it right away either. :-)

1999 pieces: Sparkling Rose has gotten in the Everyday and Lazy Days pieces.


Signing dates: They're here! Many, many thanks to Bob Nelson for sending me the list of signing events. I know you've all been waiting for this. None near me yet...

Afghan: I received a Colorful Images catalog in the mail, and it has the Charming Tails afghan for $49.95. You can order it at (800) 458-7999 (item number 13-7746), but you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere.

Prototype: Carol Gunsaullus, the person who sold the prototype I Forgot to Remember, sent me some more information on the piece:

Dean was a guest at a secondary market show in Richmond, Virginia, which was put on by the Richmond Ornament Collectors Klub (ROCK). Dean donated the piece to the club to auction off in order to raise money for the charity that their club sponsored. The charity was "Sgt. Santa," a retired policeman who does charity work for the underprivileged in Richmond. He bears a striking resemblance to Santa Claus, with his long white beard. The event has a hospitality room the evening prior to the secondary show, and they usually have an auction to raise more money for their charity. This particular year, Dean Griff was there and donated I Forgot to Remember. Carol Gunsaullus was the lucky high bidder. The piece changed hands on eBay in March of 1999, and Tracy Martin is the new owner.

New pics: I got my piece in of Take Time to Notice Those around You (I fixed the link!). Check out the page to see some new photos of the actual piece.


Two prototypes: Butch Rogers gave me permission to post pictures of two of his prototypes. One is three mice under a ghost's sheet that is reminiscent of Booo! The other is a chipmunk with a "Thanks" sign.

Concepts Direct exclusive: Take Time to Notice Those around You has begun to arrive in the mail! Did you order yours yet?

Worm: Paula and I noticed in the picture but wanted to confirm with the actual piece that we have a new visitor to Squashville. Take Time to Notice Those around You has a little worm sticking through the grass toward the back of the piece. There's also a bee (first time for the bee was The Chase Is On, I believe), a snail, a ladybug, and a butterfly.

New shipment: Collecto-Mania has gotten in the Lazy Days pieces. They include:


I Forgot to Remember: Tracy sent me the information that the seller gave her about the I Forgot to Remember prototype. Dean was a guest at a secondary market show in Richmond, Virginia, and donated that piece to the ornament club to auction off in order to raise money for the charity that their club sponsored. More info as I get it.


Artist's proof: Tracy Martin was the lucky high bidder on the artist's proof called I Forgot to Remember on eBay. Tracy gave me permission to post the pictures of I Forgot to Remember for all of you to see (plus any collectors new to the web site). Thanks, Tracy! And congratulations. What a cute piece! We'll see if it gets released as part of the regular line.

New artist at Fitz and Floyd: Fitz and Floyd is working with Lucy Rigg to produce a new line, expected to be out in 2000. Lucy has told them that the new line will be bear based, but Lucy is planning on doing other animals and things as well. She created the Lucy and Me line that Enesco sold from 1978/1979 through spring 1999. Check out JD's unofficial web site at http://members.aol.com/alegrobay/lucyandme.html. Some pages are still under construction.

Club incentive: Alana and Lauri reported on the bulletin board that the incentive piece is supposed to be an actual piece and is supposed to be shipped after the March 31 deadline to renew and get the incentive. We'll see how it goes!


Prototype: There's an artist's proof up for bid on eBay. It's probably too late to bid by now, but take a look quick before it's taken down. It's called I Forgot to Remember and features Stewart with a bow on his finger.

Peppermint Bears: I now have pictures posted of the 15 Peppermint Bears. While we're fairly certain these are all of them, you never know. Three pictures are from the catalog; the rest are of actual pieces. For the first time anywhere, here are the photos, located in the giftware photos section or the giftware list.


Linda Anderson Collectibles exclusive: There's also another number to call to order Take Time to Notice Those around You: 1-800-272-9236.


Variation: Vickie and Heather noticed that the photo on the box of You Are My Shining Star is reversed. The photo in the catalog is the same way. Hmmm.


New Concepts Direct exclusive: Carol and Ginger sent me some information on this special edition from Linda Anderson Collectibles. It's called Take Time to Notice Those around You. The order number is 12-9818, and the cost is $18.95. The piece should be delivered in 7-10 days. This one is limited to 3,000 pieces. The phone number to order it is 1-800-437-1500. Here's a photo of Take Time to Notice Those around You. Thanks, Ginger!


Club renewal kit: I got mine! Bad news, though. No incentive item! I searched and searched, then called the club. The person I spoke to didn't know much, but she thought the item would be sent later, some time before April. So it looks like we're going to be in suspense even longer. (Unless they forgot mine.) Here's some pics of the club items. If you want to be surprised, don't look!

Variations: Rae got some of the new pieces and discovered some quirks. Here they are:


Variations: Here's something someone heard about one of the 1999 pieces. Keep in mind that's it's only hear-say at the moment. We'll see what's true when the piece come out. There is a possible difference in Harvest Time Honeys. The picture shows the corn husk to the front, but the actual piece may have the kernels showing forward. The one in the catalog could be a prototype. I don't think the Autumn Harvest pieces have shipped yet, but it will be something interesting to watch for.

Bottom stamps: Donna noticed that the new 1999 pieces have four small dots of felt on the bottom to help them grip. This was actually begun in 1998 because those pieces have the same felt tabs. For example, for Paint-by-Paws and Chickie Back Ride, the first release came out in late 1997 with the paw bottom stamp and no felt tabs. In late 1998, another batch came out with the same paw bottom stamp and WITH felt tabs. This is a way to tell the earlier pieces. At least that's my theory. :-)

New shipment: Collecto-Mania has gotten in the new Everyday pieces. They only received four of each, so hurry!

89/758 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Limited Edition)--$18.00
89/760 Hi Cookie--$17.50
89/763 The Honeymoon's Over--$20.00
89/762 You're My Cup of Tea--$19.00
89/765 Take Time to Smell the Flowers--$18.00
89/757 In Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall--$20.00
89/756 I Miss You Already--$17.50
98/930 Wishing You Well (charity piece)--$20.00


Concepts Direct: Michael Brennan reports that the next Concepts Direct exclusive will be advertised through direct mailings rather than the usual catalogs. Fortunately for us, we have the Internet to find out about such things! When they go out, we'll let everyone know so you can order. There are supposed to be two exclusives this year, in the spring and fall. These are the same people who produced Stack-O-Sweeties.

Flamingo Fling: Whoops, the dates are the 5-6.

Prints from the Flamingo Fling: They are going to have a print by Dean Griff with a run of 400-500 and a cost of $20. People attending will be able to buy either 2 or 3 pieces only. This is so that people who arrive late will still be able to get theirs. Cathy has a page with more information about the Flamingo Fling.

What's the print look like? Navyne posted some information about the prints available at the event on the Charming Tails list serve. It took me this long to realize it was there! The print that attendees can buy is called You Are the Apple of My Eye and has Maxine on top of an apple with a blossom on her head; Mackenzie is looking up at her. The original from this print will be auctioned off at the event, as well as another original by Dean. This other original is called Love Is Very Shy. It has Maxine and Mackenzie looking at each other around a strawberry. Somebody going snap some pictures!


Events: I've created a page for the 1999 signings. So far we only have three, but if anyone gets the lists of signings, please let me know so I can post them for everyone. Sig gave me some information about Krause Publications, which has information about the International Collectible Expositions (Long Beach and Rosemont).


Michael Brennan's price guide: The latest edition of the price guide is supposed to be in February 20. It has a large list of giftware pieces. The price is $7.95. Click on the link for more information.


NALED exclusive: Vickie received a Designers Center newsletter, and it said that Friendship in Bloom, the NALED exclusive, is debuting May 1, so it's possible our earlier information was correct. That would mean than both the NALED and GCC exclusives are going to be released on the same day.

Textiles: Tatonka Collectibles has gotten in the the Charming Tails textiles. Here are their prices:

Shipping is FREE with a $75 purchase, and no sales tax if you live outside of Texas.

New pieces: Tatonka Collectibles has also received the new 1999 Everyday and Lazy Days Charming Tails:

89/758 Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Limited Edition)--$18.00
89/760 Hi Cookie--$17.50
89/763 The Honeymoon's Over--$20.00
89/762 You're My Cup of Tea--$19.00
89/765 Take Time to Smell the Flowers--$18.00
89/757 In Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall--$20.00
89/756 I Miss You Already--$17.50
98/930 Wishing You Well--$20.00

Lazy Days
83/806 Buried Treasures--$19.00
83/807 Triple Delight--$18.00
83/809 Mow, Mow, Mow the Lawn--$16.50
83/810 Friendship Is Always a Bargain--$19.50
Charming Tails POP Summer Display--$25.00
Charming Tails POP Cottage Display--$25.00

They have the 1999 catalogs for $5.00 or $4.00 with a Charming Tails purchase. They are expecting the new 1999 Halloween, Autumn, Christmas, and Deck the Halls in June.


Moved: As you can see if you've gotten this far, I've moved the web site! The new address is www.charmingtails.simplenet.com. Please change all your bookmarks. I moved to SimpleNet because Geocities caused me endless trouble with their billing screw-ups and gave people trouble scrolling down with their watermark. This new area has a lot more room and should be better. It's a little more expensive for me, but I think it's worth it. Please be patient while I update links on the pages. I also have a new e-mail address: mitzie@csrlink.net. The old one still works, but this one will let my husband and me keep our e-mails separate.

Flamingo Fling: The phone number to call about the Flamingo Fling in Tampa, Florida, is (813) 961-0355. It will be held March 3-5, I believe. They are indeed going to have a print by Dean Griff with a run of 400-500. It has strawberries in the picture. People attending will be able to buy either 2 or 3 pieces only. This is so that people who arrive late will still be able to get theirs. The original from this print will be auctioned off at the event, as well as another original by Dean Griff. Proceeds will benefit charity. They're also enforcing a limit on the number of pieces you can get signed.


Rosemont: Lisa mention that she used to live in the Rosemont area. She said that there are less expensive hotels in the next town of Des Plaines. Also, the Courtyard by Marriott on River Road is a great hotel--and it's only 5 to 10 minutes to drive to the convention center. For you shoppers, Woodfield Mall is "a shopper's dream." Long Grove, which is about 30 to 40 minutes north of Rosemont, is a quaint little shopping village full of wonderful gift, antique, and specialty stores.


New catalogs: Sparkling Rose has gotten in a few 1999 catalogs. They are offering them free with a purchase of $25 or more.

Winter Whirlwind: Dave says that Fitz and Floyd has decided that Winter Whirlwind, G&L's exclusive special edition, will have just "Special Edition 1999" on the bottom stamp and will not be hand numbered. This is to keep it consistent with the other special editions that have been released in 1998. Call 1-888-737-5600 if you haven't reserved your piece yet.

Correction: We don't know the date of the release of the NALED piece Friendship in Bloom. It's the GCC piece What's the Buzz that's due out May 1, 1999. Thanks to Vickie for pointing that out.


Shipping dates: Cheri at Tatonka Collectibles let me know some information on the shipping dates for the 1999 pieces. She said that this is what Fitz & Floyd told them and that last year the estimates were a little off. So remember that these dates are not set in stone.

Textiles: Cheri also said that the afghan, pillows, and bell pull are shipping out fast from Manual Woodworkers and Weavers. These are licensed by Fitz & Floyd, not actually produced by them. Tatonka Collectibles should be getting them by the 8th.

Sharing a Warm and Cozy Holiday: Paula let me take pictures of her Sharing a Warm and Cozy Holiday, the last club exclusive piece for 1998.


Friendship in Bloom: Forever Christmas has a picture of the new NALED/Parkwest piece on their web site. It will sell for $17 and will be released in spring of 1999. They're taking reservations for this special edition and Wishing You Well, the 1999 charity piece. Thanks to Coral for letting us know!


Note from Dean: Dean sent Cathy a lovely note to thank all of you who sent him cards, cookies, and other gifts this past Christmas. Check it out on the club page.


Club members only pieces: A lot of people have been experiencing delays in getting their Leaf & Acorn members only pieces. Kevin called the club, and the club told him that they had run out of Maxine's Leaf Collection and A Growing Friendship but that more were being made and would be sent to stores on the 25th. Here's my own experience and the conclusions I've drawn. When I ordered A Growing Friendship, I did it right when I got the slip; I received the piece right away. When I ordered A Warm and Cozy Holiday, I waited a few weeks; I still haven't gotten that piece. So, I'm thinking it depends on when you turn your slip in. If you wait, maybe they run out of the first batch? Here's the doozy: I've waited eight months for Maxine's Leaf Collection! Granted, that was the fault of the store and the many, many different managers I talked to over those eight months. Now they say the vendor (Fitz & Floyd) scrounged one piece for me, the only piece they had, and it wouldn't be shipped until the end of February. Can you say frustrating?

Rosemont: A few people have asked me if there will be a special piece at Rosemont this year. I haven't heard of one, and I don't think there will be. They tend to rotate which lines do the special pieces, from what I've heard. If anyone finds out about a special piece, I'll let you know (as always!).


Michael Brennan's price guide: Michael Brennan, who does the Charming Tails Secondary Market Price Guide, gave me a whole bunch of information to share with you (thanks, Michael!). He's working on the 1999 edition as we speak. It will have a new section called "What's Happening in 1999" to help collectors make sure they don't miss anything. 

Concepts Direct: Michael spoke with someone at Concepts Direct, the company that issued the exclusive piece Stack-O-Sweeties last year. As we know, Stack-O-Sweeties was limited to 5,000 pieces, and--guess what--they still have over 1,400 in stock. So please don't buy this secondary. Call and order it directly from them. I have the information posted on the Stack-O-Sweeties page.

Concepts Direct Spring 1999 exclusive: I called the other day to inquire about the next special edition they will have, and they're not ready to take orders, nor do the operators know what the piece even is. As soon as someone sees the piece in the catalog, let me know so we can tell everyone. Don't worry, we won't miss it! Michael says there will only be 3,000 pieces for this one, instead of the 5,000 they had for Stack-O-Sweeties. It seems to be the year of the special editions! Or was that last year? <g>

NALED spring piece: The latest NALED special edition Friendship in Bloom is due at NALED dealers on May 1, 1999. Michael received a description of the piece: Mackenzie is standing amongst lavender flowers and next to a yellow daffodil. There is a water drop hanging from one of the daisies' leaves, and Sidney the Snail is on another, looking up at Mackenzie. There are also red flowers on the base, scattered around on the grass. And here's a useful bit of information he's shared: If you don't know a NALED dealer near you, you can call 1-800-773-1447 and find out!

Afghans: I received a catalog in the mail today from A Day in the Country (828) 692-7914 where I ordered my pieces (or I think three of them?). Their prices may be cheaper than other stores'. Here's the info:

Michael says that Manual Woodworkers & Weavers has done this type of work for other collectible lines, and the textile pieces do eventually get retired. He also said that the retirement of the textile is usually tied to the retirement of the figurine, but he doesn't know if Fitz & Floyd is going to do it this way also.

Rosemont: Some friends and I are going to be calling a few hotels for Rosemont soon. I'll let you know what I find. It would be nice to stay at the same hotel for those of you who can't stay at Rosemont Suites (you have to pay for the room now and there are no cancellations). Check the Bears N Buddies bulletin board for more info on Rosemont and the Flamingo Fling. They know more than I do. This will be my first year at Rosemont--I am so excited! If everything goes as planned, I look forward to seeing you there. And for those of you who can't go (been there, done that), I will be bringing my digital camera and laptop so you can have the info we get right away.

Plagiarism: Recently the issue of copyright came up. I don't want to be anal about this, but all the original photos and text on this site are copyrighted. The photos with the blue textile background are my own and may not be pulled from my site and used elsewhere. I bought a $600 camera just for this purpose, so you can understand. Similarly, text may not be pulled and used. Information is free, of course, but it has to be written in an original form not to be considered plagiarism. I try to always credit my source, so please do the same. Thanks for the consideration! I work very hard on this site and make no money from it. Of course, we all post photos from Fitz & Floyd, which is this same issue, but they unofficially don't seem to have a problem with this. I try to use my own photos whenever I can; if they ask, I would remove the photos. Please see this note on copyright if you have questions.


Rosemont: I am planning on attending the collectibles event in Rosemont this year (it's near Chicago). So are many of our online friends. If you're going, I'd love to meet all of you. Make sure to make your reservations in advance (like right now). Check the Bears N Buddies bulletin board for more information. Cathy has arranged for a cheaper rate for Squashville Social Club members, but you have to pay for the rooms now, whether you show up or not. I probably won't be staying there for that reason. There are a lot of other hotels in the area, so I'll probably be searching there.

Afghan: A Day in the Country (828) 692-7914 is the store that has the afghans and such for sale. They have about 16 sets of the four items (afghan, two pillows, and a bell pull). I have my order in, but they don't know the prices yet. I'm going to call them today. I don't know how they can bill me if they don't know the prices! The afghan should be about $35 and the others about $9. More info as I get it!

Parade: I finally received all the musicians from the parade set and noticed something interesting. Stewart is the only one on the wrong foot! The others have their left foot raised, and Stewart has his right foot raised. You would have thought it would be Chauncey to be out of step. :-)


Prices: I hadn't noticed, but the 1999 catalog reflects higher prices Fitz and Floyd is now charging for current pieces. Most are $.50 to $1.00 higher. All Lit Up and the Village Sign are $2.00 higher.


Checkerbee price guide: Collectors Publishing has changed its name to Checkerbee Publishing. Kay let me know that a catalog she received mentioned that the new price guide should be out in May and sell for $13.95. The pocket planner is supposed to be out in April and sell for $2.50.

Members only piece: In addition to Ring around the Rosie, A Snowy Trio will be available later in the year, for purchase by Leaf & Acorn Club members only. The letter that came with the renewal certificate gives the name of this piece. (I finally got around to reading it!).


Afghans, pillows, and bell pull: We knew they were coming, and now they're here! Cathy posted some pictures of the items on her web site (how does she get her information!). There's an afghan, a pillow, a word pillow (it has "Lazy Days" on it and is smaller than the other one), and a bell pull. They're all tapestry style.

Ordering: I did a little digging myself today, as did a few of you from what I've heard. <g> I first called Fitz and Floyd, and they told me they were not producing the pieces but licensing the designs. The producer of the items is Manual Woodworkers and Weavers. I called them and received the names of some possible stores in my area: (800) 542-3139. Unfortunately, every last one of those stores was not in the phone book (they could only give me addresses, no phone numbers). I visited one, and it wasn't there, so I suspect the list is very old. Never fear! There is a number where you can order the pieces directly. I don't remember the name of the place offhand, but the phone number is (828) 692-7914. They were very happy to help and are checking to see if they have the items available in stock. Hopefully by tomorrow they will have called me back and given me some more information. The afghan will probably sell for about $35. If anyone finds them in local stores, let me know.

Club renewal: I got my renewal in today. It's $27.50. Another newsletter should be out by the end of the month


Leaf & Acorn Club membership renewal: Carol let me know that she had received her membership renewal form in the mail today. Looks like they're on their way! If you know your charter membership number, you can call in and renew right over the phone. You can also mail in the form. Your membership number is on your membership card, any of your members only piece redemption receipts, or the envelopes your newsletter comes in. The form said membership kits would be out in 4-6 weeks.

Club incentive: The form also says, "And if that's not enough, send your membership renewal form or call...by March 31, 1999, and we'll send you an exclusive Charter Member renewal incentive as our special thank you. This incentive, a surprise design created specifically for Charter Members by Dean Griff, is sure to be treasured for years to come." Any idea what the incentive is, anyone? Could the wording just mean the membership piece?


1999 catalog observations: I have a few observations from finally seeing the 1999 catalog. If you have questions (the photos posted are a little hard to see), just e-mail me. ~~~ The last part of the train features Maxine and Bunnie having a tea party. That means the bunny in the caboose with the holly on his head is actually Binkey! ~~~ The Honeymoon's Over has two little baby mice between Mackenzie and Maxine--I guess it was twins! ~~~ Some of the candy pieces and Halloween pieces remind me of some of the giftware Dean did before Charming Tails. ~~~ Harvest Time Honeys has two ladybugs facing each other. Lydia has herself a boyfriend! ~~~ The birds appear in Everybody Sing, Nestled In for the Holidays, and Snowbird 1999. The detail on the birds is just gorgeous; Fitz and Floyd's production values are getting better and better. ~~~ Candy Cane Flyer will go well with with Tricycle Built from Treats, Stack-O-Sweeties, and the other peppermint pieces. ~~~ The point of purchase (POP) displays have a bottom and one raised platform. The County Fair POP display has two platforms and three shelves. You can fit all your Teeny Tiny Tails on it. ~~~ The club information says there will be two members only pieces, Ring around the Rosie and another one later in the year. ~~~ That's Mackenzie buried in the mound of sand in Buried Treasures. ~~~ I think Wishing You Well is my favorite of the new pieces. It has roses and is gorgeous!

GCC early releases: The picture in the 1999 catalog confirms that the regular release of Skating Party has Mackenzie with his mouth open, while the GCC early release has him with his mouth closed. I'll have to buy both! I can't see a difference in Nestled In for the Holidays.

Characters in the new pieces: Our mouse and bunny friends are well represented, but the other guys are notably sparse. Here are some pieces where I found the rest of the gang: Sebastian Squirrel is in I Miss You Already and Ring around the Rosie. Both squirrels are in You Can't Run from Love. Reginald Raccoon is on the Sugar Time Band Float and in Ring around the Rosie. And Stewart Skunk is in Skating Party. Chauncey Chipmunk, my favorite, is missing completely! As for new friends, there's a turtle in Take Time to Smell the Flowers and a frog in Hocus Pocus. There's a ghost in Haunted Hayride.

Greenbook: Now that I have the 1999 catalog, I can finish up the work for the Greenbook guide! Here's a picture of the cover I found on their web site. Since the book has not yet been produced, I'm not sure if this is that one that will actually be produced. E-mail me if you wish to order the book from me and haven't e-mailed me already. I'll contact you when it's ready.


G&L exclusive: Dave let me know that he won't be able to post the sketch of Winter Whirlwind at this time. Fitz and Floyd would prefer that he wait until a picture of the actual production piece is available. This will be about March or so. Be sure to pre-order yours now (1-888-737-5600). Dave is only advertising on the Internet at the moment, but he will be opening it up.

1999 catalog: Club members will receive a new 1999 catalog when they receive their new membership kit. They should be sending us renewal forms soon. I've gotten my hands on a catalog from a very nice person who will remain nameless. It's pretty huge, with holes punched instead of the wire rings. It's distinctly different from the past catalogs (a little busy), but I think you will like it. I will be posting new pictures from the catalog soon. Oh, and Nap Time, the club pin, looks like Baby's First Christmas 1994!


G&L exclusive: Dave from G&L Christmas & Gift Barn sent me a description of Winter Whirlwind, the exclusive they're selling. Mackenzie in a red scarf stands in the snow with snowflakes all around him (on wires, I believe). Mackenzie has one arm reaching out to get one snowflake, and there is a tree behind him. The piece is based on a print Dean did in 1995. Call 1-888-737-5600 to preorder.

Handy list of 1999 pieces: I've created a list of all the new pieces to help you keep them in order. It's not finished yet. I'm still putting in prices, temporary photos, and such. I will let you know when it's done. Carol suggested it to me since it's so hard to keep track of all these new pieces.

Me: Just to clear up some confusion, I don't sell pieces on the secondary market. I may sell or trade one or two extras here and there, but as a rule I don't make money off Charming Tails. If I made money, it would qualify as work, and I don't want it to be that. :-) I don't charge for anything on my web site; the online club has sponsors, not me. I am working for Greenbook at the moment.


G&L exclusive piece: G&L Christmas & Gift Barn is going to have an exclusive piece called Winter Whirlwind. G&L's 20th anniversary is coming up soon, and they got Dean to produce a piece just for them. According to Dave Reid of G&L, only 3,000 will be produced, and only G&L will be selling them. I suggest you reserve yours today! The cost will be around $20, with $10 charged at the time you place your order. The pieces should arrive toward the end of the year. The phone number is 1-888-737-5600. Thanks to Dave and Maureen for the info.

Club pieces: The new club pieces for 1999 are in the new catalog! The membership piece is You Are My Shining Star. The club lapel pin is called Nap Time. And the members exclusive is Ring around the Rosie. Dreams & Rainbows has photo of the club pieces posted. They also have photos of the other 1999 pieces. Thanks, Terry!


New photos: Tatonka has photos posted of all the new pieces (as far as I can tell). It looks like stores have only gotten in one copy each of the 1999 catalog.


1999 pieces: Kristy's has photos posted of some of the new 1999 pieces (bottom of the page). Thanks to Scooter for letting me know about it. Here's a list of new pieces from Collecto-Mania, who are taking orders (because the market in Texas is early, they usually get early shipments):

1999 limited edition pieces:

New "Everyday" pieces:

New Halloween pieces:

New Christmas pieces:

New Deck the Halls pieces:

New backgrounds: They've added four display scenes ($25 each)--Summer Day, Cottage, Squashville (winter), and Wedding.

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