Prototypes and samples: Prototypes are generally one of a kind, with never any more than six released. The showroom samples are made up before the main production run so that Fitz and Floyd can show the store buyers what the piece will look like and book orders from these "samples." There can be as many as 36 or more but no more than 72 showroom samples made.

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Important Note: All original photos (the ones with the blue textile background) are the subject of copyright protection and may not be used elsewhere. Other photos are used with the owners' permission.


    A Love Like No Other
(Prototypes 2001)
Chauncey and Stewart
Stringing Popcorn

(Prototype 1998)
  The Honeymoon's Over
(Prototype 1999)
  Harvest Moon Honeys
(Prototype 1999)
Radishing Beauty Salon
(25 released 1998)
  I Forgot to Remember
(Artist's Proof 1995)
(Prototype, version 1)

proto1.jpg (10259 bytes)

(Prototype, version 2)
  Many Thanks
  Prototype 1
proto2a.jpg (48347 bytes)proto2b.jpg (15603 bytes) proto3a.jpg (11514 bytes)

proto4b.jpg (13450 bytes)

Mouse-carade   Prototype 3   Prototype 4

Garden Glove Snooze   Bubbly Brew
(Prototype 2000)
  Splash Down

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