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Name Item
Intro Issue Year Status
Daffodil Twirl (musical-TTT) (photo) 80/4 paw Sep 98 1998 1st line of miniatures introduced at Rosemont in 1998; plays "The Entertainer";  ret. 99
Daisy Bouquet Displayer & 3 Butterfly Ornaments (photo

Daisy Bouquet Displayer Only (photo)



Aug 01




early release of 760 pcs. to QVC Aug 29 & 30, 2001; 
Dandelion Wishes (photo) 89/107 dove Feb 00 2000 retired Aug 01
Dashing through the Snow (photo) 87/624 paw Jun 98 1998 retired Sept 01
Day at the Lake, A (photo) 83/803 paw Jan 98 1998 open
Decorating Binkey (photo) 87/714 leaf
97 1997 ret. 00
Dive into the Holidays (photo) 887/208


pumpkin Sep 99 May 00  1999 


early NALED release;
Dreamin' Of A White Christmas
98/266   Nov 01 2001 GCC Open House exclusive; 
Drifters, The  (Ornament)
(2--Mouse with Leaf Parachute [
& Mouse Holding Stem [
86/784 no room Jan 92 1992 sold out;  ret. 96
Drum Major, The (photo) 87/556 acorn Jan 96 1996 sold out; retired 00
Duckling in Egg with Mouse (photo) 89/316 none May 93 1994 sold out; ret. 94
Duckling Votive (photo) 89/315 none 94 1994 sold out; ret. 94
Ducky To Meet You (photo) 88/103   Dec 00 2001 open
Ducky Weather (photo) 88/101 pumpkin Dec 99 2000 open

Many thanks to all who have helped in compiling information about the bottom stamps. Any additions or corrections to this list are welcome.

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