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Name Item
Intro Issue Year Status
Jack o' Lantern Jalopy (photo) 85/410 paw Jun 98 1998 retired 00
Jackpot (photo)
(correct name I'm a Winner!)
89/719 paw Jun 98 1998 1st 7,000 pieces mis-titled than corrected to I'm A Winner; ret 01
Jawbreakers Musical Waterglobe (photo) 87/542 none Jan 94 1994 sold out; ret. 95
Jelly Bean Feast (photo) 89/559 none May 94 1995 sold out; ret. 96
Jingle Bell Baby (photo) 86/115 2002 2002 not yet released
Jingle Bells (photo) 87/513 acorn Jan 96 1996 ret. 97; sold out 97
Jumpin' Jack-o-Lanterns (photo) 85/512 none Jan 94 1994 sold out; ret. 97
Just A Hop Skip And Jump Away (photo) 83/110 2002 2002 not yet released
Just Plane Friends (photo) 89/627 acorn Jun 96 1997 sold out; retired 00
Just The Right Size (photo) 87/209 dove May 00 2000 open
Just Weight (photo) 89/130 2002 2002 open

Many thanks to all who have helped in compiling information about the bottom stamps. Any additions or corrections to this list are welcome.

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