98/283  Daisy Bouquet Displayer & Butterfly Ornaments  

QVC Early Release 
Original selling price: $47.75     
Introduced: August 2001      
Issued: 2001      

The Daisy Displayer was sold as a 4 part set during the QVC show on August 29-30 2001 item #C64151.  It included 3 ornaments: Tiny Butterfly Ride, You Lifted Me Higher & Hangin' On To A Good Friend along with the Daisy Displayer.  About 760 pieces were given to QVC as an early preview and sold out during the show.  

Dean announced during the QVC show that the displayer and the 3 ornaments will be available to all retailers during the Spring 2002.  The only difference is the item number will be different and each piece will be sold separately rather than as a set.  The QVC set sold for $47.75 whereas buying each piece separately will cost $58.   

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