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  Along for the Ride
  Binkey's Candy Cane Flyer
Buried Treasures
  A Cup of Christmas Cheer
  Everybody Sing
Friendship Is Always
a Great Bargain

  A Gift of Love

  Harvest Time Honeys

Haunted Hayride
  Hi Cookie
  Hocus Pocus
The Honeymoon's Over

  I Miss You Already

  In Every Life a Little
Rain Must Fall

Mackenzie's Putt-Putt
  Mow, Mow, Mow the Lawn

  Party Animals

Sugar Time Band Float

  Take Time to Smell
the Flowers

  Take Two Aspirin and
Call Me in the Morning
Together Every Step
of the Way
  Triple Delight

  You Quack Me Up

You're My Cup of Tea


  Dashing through the Snow
  A Day at the Lake
Heading for the Slopes
  How Many Candles?
  I'd Do It All Over Again
I'm a Winner
  I'm Your Love Bunny
  A Little Bird Told Me
Love Is in the Air
  Motoring Along
  Our Love Has Blossomed
Pumpkin's First Pumpkin
  Shh, Don't Make a Peep
  Ski Jumper  
Snowman Float

  There's No "US"
without "U"

  Who Put That Tree There?

You Can't Run from Love

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