89/719 I'm A Winner! (aka Jackpot)

Original selling price: $19.00
Introduced: June 1998
Issued: 1998
Retired: 2001

Approximately the first 7,000 pieces produced were mistakenly titled "Jackpot".  The correct title "I'm A Winner" is on the box and insert card.  When production resumed, the title was corrected to "I'm A Winner".

It is unconfirmed that someone has found one with a painted bottom in gold/yellow with no writing.  However, it is possible that it could be a sample or the stamping was missed during production.  

The numbers on the winning lottery ticket have special importance for Dean.  The "9" stands for September, the month he was born.  The "17" stands for the day he was born.  Both the numbers "8" and "3" are his father's lucky numbers.

I'm A Winner was released in June 1998.  It is considered a mid-year introduction.  It is not in the 1998 catalog because it was released too late in the year.  Below are photos showing both the corrected title and the misprint.     

(Images may take some time to load. All original photos are the subject of copyright protection. Thanks to Michelle Walker for the photo.)


The first release of this piece had the wrong name
"Jackpot" printed on the bottom. The second release
had the correct name "I'm A Winner."

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