85/882 Harvest Time Honeys

Original selling price: $18.50
Introduced: June 1999
Issued: 1999

The 1999 catalog (p. 18) and photo on the box show Harvest Time Honeys  with white daisies on the ground.  The actual production piece of Harvest Time Honeys has orange  leaves on the ground instead of white daisies.  The daisies were probably changed to orange leaves because Harvest Time Honeys is considered a fall piece and daisies would represent spring/summer.  

The prototype of Harvest Time Honeys is called Harvest Moon Honeys.  It was donated by F & F for the Flamingo Fling Charity Auction in 1998.

Below is a photo of the postcard mailed to collectors from Linda Anderson's Collectibles, a mail order catalog company.  It announces several new pieces available in the Charming Tails line.  

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Harvest Time Honeys Postcard
(Thanks to Rona for the photo)

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