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I am gathering information on what bottom stamps and production marks each piece has had. This list does not yet include all bottom stamps, so items may well have other bottom stamps than the ones listed here. If you have a piece with a bottom stamp not listed, please e-mail me. I will only list bottom stamps you actually have.

The acorn (1996), leaf (1997), paw (1998), pumpkin (1999), dove (2000), four leaf clover (2001), mushroom (2002) and teacup (2003) marks will let you know what year the piece belongs to. Pieces without bottom stamps were produced before 1996. Sometimes pieces are sold the year before their official year release such as early GCC or NALED releases.  

Also, another example of a piece not bearing the issue year are the Valentine and Easter pieces of any given year.  These are actually introduced to retailers the winter before.  Therefore, they will all have the previous years mark.  A good example is Ducky Weather.  It is a 2000 issue however, it was produced and released and on retailers shelves by the end of 1999 giving it the 1999 Pumpkin mark rather than the 2000 Dove mark.  The dove mark will appear on the bottom when production starts after 1999.  For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Possible bottom stamps and production marks:

1996 1997 1998 1999
2000 2001 2002 2003

Cheese Wedge


Felt tabs and placards: In 1998, Fitz and Floyd began putting four green felt tabs on the bottom of pieces so that they grip better. They also started including cardboard placards with the piece name and number.

TTT denotes Teeny Tiny Tails

Many thanks to all who have helped with information about the bottom stamps.
Any additions or corrections to this list are welcome.

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