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887/106  Home Sweet Home-early Pkwst release   
 87/106   Home Sweet Home - retailer release
98/290    Home Sweet Home w/Print-Limited Ed of 1,000 

NALED/Parkwest early release 2000   
Original selling price:  $22.00
Introduced: October 2000(early NALED/Parkwest release); 
Introduced: 2001 (regular retailer release)
Issued: 2000 (early NALED release); 2001 (regular retailer release)

Home Sweet Home is a NALED/Parkwest early release.  Because it is considered an early release, this gives the NALED/Parkwest retailer the opportunity to sell Home Sweet Home for one year before it is released in 2001 to the other Charming Tails retailers.  

Last year, collectors noticed on both the box and under stamp of the 1999 early releases Dive Into The Holidays and Oh Mackenzie Tree, the item number had an additional number 8.  Collectors immediately thought this was a misprint.  We later found out that F & F gave the early releases an additional number 8 to differentiate between the early release vs. later release.  

In the right photo is Dean's original concept drawing of Home Sweet Home.  There are slight changes from the original drawing to Rona's piece shown in the left photo.  The mouse appears to be hugging the roof in the drawing but is sitting further back in the actual piece.  The tail in the actual production piece was done differently, probably to avoid breakage.   The tree has a slightly different shape and has yellow garland and red balls where the actual piece has white garland and different colored balls.  

The name card when standing is readable, however mine was printed upside down.

(Image may take some time to load. All original photos are the subject of copyright protection. Thanks to Rona for the photo.)


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