80/8 Tulip Ferris Wheel

Teeny Tiny Tails
Original selling price: $49.50
Introduced: September 1998
Issued: 1998
Retired: 1999
Musical plays "It's a Small World"

The Squashville County Fair debuted at Rosemont in 1998.  Included in the fair collection were six county booths, three musical rides and a Point Of Purchase (POP) Display Unit.

The Tulip Ferris Wheel was one of the three musical rides debuted at Rosemont.  It was the first line of miniatures and called Teeny Tiny Tails.  The piece measures approximately 6-1/2 inches and the spins when you wind the musical.  The rubber belt comes off either of the pulleys very easily.  The Tulip Ferris Wheel plays "It's A Small World."

This collection was issued in 1998 but was not in the catalog because it was released too late in the year.

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