Below are photos of Christmas Cards sent by Dean Griff to family and friends through the years.  The following Christmas Cards may not be reproduced in anyway.  The copyright to the artwork is held exclusively by Dean Griff.   

Some of the artwork Dean has done on the Christmas cards below are similar or bear resemblance to actual Charming Tails pieces produced in the line.

(Images may take some time to load. All original photos are the subject of copyright protection.)

2001 F & F Christmas Card Front
(thanks to Scooter for the photo)

Card Back
(thanks to Scooter for the photo)

2000 Christmas Card
(Thanks To Scooter for the photo)

1999 Christmas Card
(1 of 400 cards)
1998 Christmas Card

1997 Christmas Card

1996 Christmas Card

1995 Christmas Card

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