87/939 Holiday Wreath

Original selling price: $12.00
Introduced: January 1993
Retired: 1995
Issued: 1993

The Holiday Wreath Mouse Ornament was sold and packaged under the Silvestri label.  In the right photo is a picture of the bunny ornament.  The  mouse ornament was shipped in the same type of wrapper.  It was usually found hanging on display racks or laying in a basket.

Many pieces were broken because there was no inside wrapping to protect the inner part of the wreath from the mouse swinging back and forth. In the lower left of the cellophane wrapper you can see chips laying inside the wrapper caused from the bunny hitting the inside of the wreath.

The Holiday Wreath Mouse ornament was first produced in the pale version.  An old printed source called this piece "Mouse/Bunny Hanging In Wreath".

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Both Holiday Wreath Ornaments came in this type of package.

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