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Thanks to Cindy Zugay and Becky for photos.)

Cloisonne Pin

Membership Certificate

Acorn Society Pen

Acorn Society Canvas Tote Bag

Acorn Society Paper Bag

They ran out of the kits at Rosemont, so they mailed the kit plus two extras.
Temporary Tattoo

Thank You Card

Extra: Debbie reports getting a magnet in her kit as well. It is Mackenzie hanging onto a four-leaf clover, and it's made like the figural pins we received with the Leaf and Acorn Club kits. It's slightly larger at 2-1/2 inches tall. They ran out of kits at Rosemont, so hers was shipped after the show. Does anyone else have this magnet? It's shown here with the Leaf and Acorn Club pin for a size comparison.

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