89/603 I Have a Question for You

Original selling price: $19.00
Introduced: June 1996
Issued: 1997

In both the 1997 and 1997 revised catalogs (p. 6) collectors noticed a blue stone in the ring and no flowers on Maxine's head.  The actual production piece has a clear stone and blue flowers on Maxine's head.  All catalogs since 1997 show this piece with a clear stone and blue flowers on Maxine's head.  At the bottom is a photo showing the blue stone and Maxine with no flowers on her head.  

A collector recently purchased this item and noticed his box label reads 'I Here" instead of "I Have A Question For You." The piece and name card are correct.  I Have A Question For You was on the list of top sellers in 1997.

All pieces produced starting in 2001 will no longer have blue flowers.  The color on the flowers changed to coincide with the apple blossom theme.   

Recently a collector noticed an error on the bottom of the new 2001 release produced with the white flowers.  The piece was manufactured in 2001 and should have the 4 leaf clover stamp mark.  Instead it has the paw print production mark.     

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