893/502  Holly Ornament Stand  
93/502 Holly Ornament Stand

Original selling price: $16.00     
Introduced: 2001 (Parkwest)
Introduced: 2002 (reg. release)      
Issued: 2001 (Parkwest)
Issued: 2001 (reg. release)     

The Holly Ornament Stand was released to all Parkwest retailers during the winter of 2001.  It is considered an early release and was given a different item number from the stand that will be released in the winter of 2002.  The Parkwest version is more valuable because there would be less produced than of the regular release.  

At the Rosemont Collectible Show in June 2001, Dean mentioned to collectors he used the ornament Pine Cone Predicament to design the Ornament Hanger.  In the right photo, Scooter included a photo of the ornament hanger with the Pine Cone Predicament Ornament.  The ornament Pine Cone Predicament is sold separately.    

(Image may take some time to load. All original photos are the subject of copyright protection.  Thanks to Scooter for the photos.)

Ornament Holder 

Ornament Holder displaying Pine Cone Predicament Orn.


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