What's New! #2
(Older News Items January - June 1998)

Please Note: Some of the links may be out of date since these news items are now outdated. I'm keeping them here for new collectors.


Rosie Wells guide: Cathy Hauk asked me to post the following:

"If you have any concerns or comments about your [Rosie Wells] Charming Tails guide, will you please e-mail me. I am making some corrections, among other things. Thanks for your understanding."


Rosemont: If you haven't already, check out all the great info and photos we got from Rosemont.


Rosemont pics from Rosie Wells: Rosie Wells has posted pics from Thursday at Rosemont. Check it out!


Rosemont: I have added a page for Rosemont info. The first report came today! I will be adding more info and pics this weekend.

10,000 hits!: This web site has finally made 10,000 hits (since September 1997). Thanks, guys! I couldn't have done it without you.


Griffware: Rosie's Secondary Market Price Guide, the book Cathy Hauk worked on, has several photos of pieces Dean Griff did before he signed an exclusive contract with Fitz and Floyd. These pieces are called giftware, or Griffware, and were produced by either Roman or Silvestri. So far the only dealer I know of that has a supply of these is Kathy DiGiacomo from Kathy's Kollectibles. You can reach her at (201) 845-7624 (leave a message if no answer). She will also be at the Rosemont event. If anyone else knows dealers who have these pieces, please let me know and I'll post them. (My personal favorites of these pieces are the Silvestri bunnies--too cute!)


Price guides: I have bigger photos of Rosie's Secondary Market Price Guide and Collector's Value Guide.


Rosemont pics & chat: Cathy Hauk is going to have a digital camera and laptop at Rosemont. This means we'll get pictures right away from the event! She's also going to try to work on a chat the night of so we can get the juicy info right away. Yay for Cat!

Rosemont info: There is supposed to be a seminar at 1 p.m. on both days on Charming Tails.

Domain name: I was searching through Hotbot, and I discovered that charmingtails.com is owned by R & B Limited Editions Inc., even though the site is not up and running. Does anyone know anything about this? I had assumed this would be the web site address when Fitz and Floyd started theirs.


New mid-year introductions: Monique's Antiques has gotten the mid-year introductions in too. Their signing is August 23 in Moorestown, NJ (609) 235-7407. As with the other signing events, you have to buy one other Charming Tails piece to be able to buy the signing piece. Thanks for the info, Donna!

Store listings: Many thanks to all of you who have helped me update my store listings. Since the list has gotten so long, I broke the page into separate pages for each state. This way you can print out the listing for your state without having the whole thing print out.

Dean's appearance schedule: The signing at the Christmas Loft on August 22 will be held in Hadley, Massachusetts, not Vermont as was previously listed by Fitz and Floyd. As far as I know, below is the most current schedule.

{Schedule has been updated. See 7/17/98 listing for more current schedule.}


New holiday pieces and mid-year introductions: Stores are now getting in their Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas pieces, in addition to the five mid-year introductions (I'm Here for You, How Many Candles?, Hear, Speak and See No Evil, I'm a Winner!, and A Little Bird Told Me). Both Strand Brass (888-762-7400) and G & L Christmas & Gift Barn have them in stock. I've heard they're adorable!

3 foot figures: Ginger at Strand Brass (888-762-7400) said that she can order the 3 foot figures if you want them. They won't be in for the signing on August 8 because Fitz and Floyd said they are taking a long time to produce (16-week delivery time). Other stores should be able to order them as well.


List serve 2: I've added a second list serve for people who do not wish to receive all the e-mails from everyone. Members of the second list serve will ONLY receive the club newsletter when we start doing one. If you're a member of the first list serve, you don't need to join this one as well; you'll get the newsletter too.

Notes to Dean: Cathy (catrink@aol.com) will be taking notes and questions to Dean at the Rosemont event. Be sure to get yours to her ASAP. She also needs your city and state so she can put them on a map she'll give to Dean too.


Fitz and Floyd web site: Someone in the chat told me that the Fitz and Floyd web site is due out in December (so they said at the Edison event).


Mackenzie's Holiday Hat: Dolls, Gifts & More now has a photo of the NALED exclusive, Mackenzie's Holiday Hat. Be sure to check it out. It's cute, as always. This one seems to have fake fur--a first for Charming Tails, I think.


Wedding event: Victoria's Garden is having a Charming Tails wedding this Saturday, May 30. Their address is 4540 California Ave. S.W., Seattle, WA 98116; phone: (206) 935-4060; fax: (206) 935-7427. Thanks for the information, Jan!


Three-foot figures: I asked Ginger at Strand Brass about the three-foot figures. Apparently they're made of resin, which explains why they're so heavy. She said the person she talked to at Fitz and Floyd said that there's a 16-week wait till shipment. She's going to try to push to get some for the signing. Let's cross our fingers! I also got one of the postcards Fitz and Floyd put out announcing the signing. It's really cute. Make sure you request one if you plan to attend a signing.

On to Plan B print: This past Saturday, G & L Christmas & Gift Barn had an event where they were supposed to have a batch of Dean Griff giftware for sale. These got broken at the warehouse, so instead Dean drew a special print for the event called On to Plan B (which is even better to my mind!). It's limited to 400, and it sells for $20 plus shipping. They may still have some left, so hurry and call! The number is 1-888-737-5600 Tues.- Fri. 10:00-5:00 and Sun. 12:00-4:00 Eastern. They come in 5" x 7" frames. The first 80 were in gold frames, and the rest are in wooden frames. I have a picture Dave sent here.

G & L event: Butch sent me a photo from the event. And guess what! Mackenzie and Maxine are really his son and daughter-in-law! Check out the photo here.


Teeny Tiny Tails: Thanks to Barb for letting us know about the Teeny Tiny Tails! How great! Dean will be introducing his new line of Teeny Tiny Tails at the Rosemont event. The subject matter is "Squashville County Fair." The May issue of Giftware News magazine has a picture of them. Here's a description of some of them:


Club button: Cathy has the button for the online club ready to go. Order yours now! Check out a picture of it.


Charming Tails list serve: We now have a list serve for the online club! You can get to a description of it through the club page or here.


New boxes: I've just seen the new Charming Tails boxes. They're very nicely done. They're white with pale green leaves all over. There's a thick, pale green band like a ribbon around the middle, and the front of the box has the Charming Tails logo with "By Fitz and Floyd" to the lower right in dark green. This same logo is on the top of the box. For the one piece I saw, the photo of the piece and the name and number of it are on the bottom.



Three-foot figures: The big figures of Mackenzie and Maxine that were shown at Edison will soon be available from your retailer. They will be $250 each--you heard right. Talk to your retailer. They should be able to order them, but if not, you can pre-order from the Flower Pedaler at (314) 946-3048 (ask for April). I haven't seen the pieces, but they have their arms up, and Maxine has flowers in her hair.

Photo from Edison: Rosie Wells's site has a great photo of Dean in a tux with the happy couple, Mackenzie and Maxine! Check it out! Thanks, Paula, for letting me know about it! If anyone else has pictures from Edison, I'd love to post them. I can take scans, or you can snail mail them to me (I promise to return them!).


Rosie Wells Guide: Cathy Hauk sent me this. Can't wait to see the guide!

"Most of you already know that I am working on a guide for Rosie Wells. We are in the final stages, and if you would like to send pictures, suggestions, etc., you can e-mail them to me or mail them to me. I will give you my address in an e-mail. I am getting really excited; it looks fabulous. It has been a lot of work, but a work of love. You know how well I like these little mice, g. If you want to know when it is finished, e-mail me and I will let you know when it is ready for sale. If you have questions or comments, feel free to write." Catrink@aol.com


Signing event piece: The price on the piece is listed as $19. Just a reminder, Strand Brass will be able to sell signed signing event pieces (Life Is a Bed of Roses) through the mail after the event on August 8. You will need to also buy another regular piece (as many event pieces as you want with just the one other). Ginger said Fitz and Floyd is requiring the purchase of the non-event piece. If you need the piece, you can order them from Strand Brass at (409) 762-7400 (ask for Ginger). Tell her I sent you!


Charming Tails club: I will now be hosting the online Charming Tails club. Cathy Hauk is organizing it, and I'll post information here. I've also created a message board for the club.


More Edison news: Remember this is being translated through me. I try to be as accurate as possible, but mistakes happen! Just remember that. Here goes: There were some slides of the new pieces presented by Rachel Perkal. Someone also reported heavy 3-ft.-high statuettes of Maxine and Mackenzie. Not sure exactly what these are, but supposedly we'll be able to get them from our dealers eventually. Look for a high price tag on these. The napkins at the wedding reception had gold lettering with the Charming Tails logo and the following:

The Wedding of the Year
Maxine and Mackenzie
April 1998

There were also buttons given out. Fitz and Floyd employees had on white dress shirts with buttons and an embroidered mouse above the left pocket (as if he was peeking out). Attendees begged them to produce these for club members in the future. Check out the Bears N' Buddies Bulletin Board for more accounts from Edison (thanks, guys!).

Collectors Publishing: Their Charming Tails guide should be out in May. I'll provide you with ordering information whenever it comes out.

Correction: It looks like the Getaway Car and the Cake Topper will not have a stamp put on them. Dean said at Edison that the reason the stamps weren't put on them is because there wasn't room for them.


Edison event: I've had one report on Edison so far (thanks, Tracy!). The event was completely packed, and A Collection of Friends was (and is) highly sought after. The Charming Tails reception featured Mackenzie and Maxine (people in mouse suits) dressed in their wedding finery. Dean was in a tux and walked Maxine down the aisle (what I wouldn't have given to see that!). The garter and the bouquet were tossed, and we won't talk about the scuffle that ensued. Fitz and Floyd gave out buttons and wedding napkins and other cute accessories. There was even a display of pieces, with the wedding set arranged on a real wedding cake. Tracy also mentioned that Life Is a Bed of Roses was on display for a time. As for news, Dean said that they wouldn't be doing houses like those in the village, but we would have a "big surprise" next year that would be even better. Gee, thanks, now we have to wonder what it is! There was a table selling the Woodland Winds collection that Dean helped create. While they're saying Dean isn't involved with them anymore, they didn't deny that he did them. By all accounts, they're even cuter than the photos of them. But be ready to shell out some bucks. All in all, it sounds like a good time, if you could get past the vast crowds, pushing, and general disorganization. (If I've screwed up any of this, I apologize! Not Tracy's fault!)


Stewart's Day in the Sun: Watch out because some of these pieces have Stewart's tummy as white instead of the pink it's supposed to be. He's supposed to be sunburned and pink-tummied.

Signing piece: Here's a little good news for those of you who can't make it to a signing. Contrary to what I said before, Strand Brass will be able to sell signed signing event pieces (Life Is a Bed of Roses) through the mail. You may need to also buy another regular piece (as many event pieces as you want with just the one other), but I think that's fair enough. Ginger said Fitz and Floyd is requiring the purchase of the non-event piece. If you need the piece, you can order them from Strand Brass at (409) 762-7400 (ask for Ginger). Tell her I sent you!


Mackenzie's Holiday Hat: Forever Christmas has a drawing of the NALED piece Mackenzie's Holiday Hat. Check it out here. They list it as due out in July for $18. Thanks, Suzanne, for the information!

Edison event: The Edison event is this coming weekend! Look for event coverage here when everyone gets back and can tell me about it (the lucky things). And if you get to go, don't forget to write to me about it! Let's hope we get a lot of A Collection of Friends to go around. I'll be e-mailing those of you who wrote me who need the piece next week.


Newsletter: The second newsletter is here! Or at least mine is. It features:

Also included is a letter explaining why some Fragile...Handle with Care pieces have no limited edition marks on the bottom. No mention is made of the Love Doesn't Come with Instructions mess-up.

Wedding invitation: I received my wedding invitation today too, under separate cover. It is an invitation to a reception at the Edison event April 18 and 19. Have fun, those of you who can attend!


Woodland Winds: Kim found a better page that has some Woodland Winds pictures and prices: http://www.radko.org/98/woodlandwinds/. This is Dean's unofficial work from Radko.


Other Dean Griff pieces: I'm working on a section that lists pieces other than Charming Tails that Dean Griff has done. Also, Cathy was kind enough to let me know about some Radko pieces that Dean has designed, before he signed an exclusive contract with Fitz and Floyd. The tag says Christopher Radko and his "charming friend," so it's unofficially his. The line is called Woodland Winds and is snowmen, santas, and animals. Here's a link to a site that shows some of the Woodland Winds.


Club surprise package variations: Christine reports that one of her club packages has all the pieces (Village Sign, Lamp Post, Leaf Fence, Street Light and Sign, Mail Box and Bench). Her second package, however, is missing the Street Light and Sign and came with the catalog. I checked my package, and I'm missing the Lamp Post and didn't get a catalog. Think they're running out of pieces?


Club surprise packages: OK, finally got mine! Looks like those who joined in 1997 or before will get them.


Club surprise packages: It looks like those who joined in 1997 will get the package. I haven't gotten one yet.

Club newsletter: A new issue should be out soon. Stores have received theirs.


New Squashville Gazette: A new issue should be coming out soon. With it is supposed to be information about purchasing the new members only piece, A Growing Friendship. The order form may be with it.

Club packages: It's unknown whether all members will get the goody package or just the first 2,000. In it is the Village Sign, the Leaf Fence, the Mail Box and Bench, the Street Light and Sign, and the Acorn Street Lamp. The letter with it says that the newsletter will be out soon, and with it information on the next club piece. Thanks for the info on Bears N Buddies, Ginny!


Club membership: If you joined the club recently (before the first issue of the Squashville Gazette), you will not need to renew your membership until December. There will not be a new membership piece until then. There will be at least one new members only piece called A Growing Friendship.

Signing piece: The piece for 1998 will be called Life Is a Bed of Roses. Thanks, Cathy!


Catalogs: They're out there! Many stores don't have them yet, but they are out there.

Club: Some club members have free received packages including the Squashville sign, the street lights, the mail box and bench, and a few other goodies via UPS. I haven't received anything yet. Hope they didn't run out for the newer members. A new club piece is called A Growing Friendship. I think this may be a members-only piece.

Wedding set: According to one retailer, retailers can only get the apple wedding car if they buy the entire set. This may make the car a little harder to find.


Rosemont/Edison piece: According to Cathy Hauk, the piece that will be produced for the Rosemont and Edison events, Collection of Friends, features Mackenzie and Reginald, with a snail, butterfly, and ladybug on a rug, reading a book. Rosemont's going to be held June 26 (or thereabouts).

Present for Dean: Cathy Hauk had the great idea of gathering together e-mail from online collectors and giving them to Dean Griff at Rosemont this year. That way those of us who can't be there in person can still give Dean our best wishes. Cathy's going to collect the e-mails and print them out on nice paper. Write to Cathy if you'd like to contribute. Ideas for letters include telling Dean how much you like the line, what your favorite piece is, how you got started collecting them, what your first piece was, the lengths you go to collect them, information about yourself and your family, your hobbies (other than collecting ravenously), and so on. You can even send scanned photos. Get creative!

1998 catalog: The catalogs are supposed to begin mailing immediately. Let me know if you do get one! I think everyone's really looking forward to this.

New price guide: Collectors Publishing is supposed to be coming out with a new price guide in mid-March. They're the people who do the pocket planner ($2.50). Their phone number is 1-800-746-3686.


Charming Tails chat: A Charming Tails chat is held on the Bears N Buddies web site every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Central. Click here to get to it. If you would like to be added to the list to receive weekly reminders of the chat, please write to Rhonda.


NALED and GCC exclusives: Dolls, Gifts & More has just announced the GCC and NALED open house for May 2, 1998. The GCC piece is called Peek-a-Boo and retails for $19.50. The NALED piece is called My Spring Bonnet and retails for $18.50 (one of the mice is holding a flower on top of his head--really cute!). You can check out a picture of My Spring Bonnet at Dolls, Gifts & More. Thanks to Steve at DG&M and Tracy for passing along the info.


1998 catalogs: Kristy from Kristy's Gift Shoppe & Collectibles let me know that the 1998 catalogs should ship in February, according to Fitz and Floyd.


New Charming Tails bulletin board: World Collectors Net has just opened a new Charming Tails bulletin board. They are slowly adding to their Charming Tails content. Check out their bulletin board and their Charming Tails page.

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