What's New! #1
(Older News Items November - December 1997)

Please Note: Some of the links may be out of date since these news items are now outdated. I'm keeping them here for new collectors.


Photos of 1998 pieces: Bears N' Buddies just posted pictures of some of the 1998 pieces. Check them out here.


Best sellers: Fitz and Floyd has released a list of its best sellers for 1997. Thanks to Stacey from Homefolks Gifts & Collectibles for passing it along.


1. You Couldn't Be Sweeter
2. Hangin' Around
3. Rowboat Romance
4. I Have a Question for You
5. Fragile...Handle with Care
6. New Arrival
  7. Life's a Picnic with You
8. Midday Snooze
9. Reach for the Stars
10. Building Castles
11. I See Things Clearly Now


1. Ghost Stories
2. Acorn Built for Two
3. Turkey Traveler
  4. The Good Witch
5. Maxine's Pumpkin Costume
6. Giving Thanks


1. All the Trimmings
2. Maxine Making Snow Angels
3. Decorating Binkey
4. Not a Creature Was Stirring
5. Teamwork Helps!
  6. Trimming the Tree Set
7. The Snowball Fight
8. Flying Leaf Saucer
9. Baby's First Christmas 1997
10. The Santa Balloon

Club newsletter: The Squashville Gazette is here! If you haven't gotten your club newsletter in yet, you soon will. There's not really any new information here, but it's a nice-looking 4-page full-color job. Features include:


Price Guide: I just received my copy of Michael Brennan's 1997/1998 Secondary Market Price Guide. It looks really good; at last I know what my stuff's really worth! It features a list of all the pieces, their piece numbers, the year introduced, the year retired, the original release price, and the current market value. You can order a copy for $5.95 plus $.75 ($6.70 total--check or money order only, payable to Michael Brennan) at:

Michael Brennan
P.O. Box 721003
Berkley, MI  48072-0003

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your guide to arrive. Send any questions to CTauthor@aol.com.


Fitz and Floyd warehouse: Judy let me know about the Fitz and Floyd warehouse. I didn't even know there was such a thing!

Judy writes: "I went to the Fitz and Floyd Warehouse in North Dallas. They have a really wonderful display of a lot of the pieces. Fitz and Floyd had an ad in the paper about a sale at their warehouse, but none of the Charming Tails were included. I could hardly call the Fitz and Floyd layout a warehouse. It was more like a very huge showroom. The Charming Tails display is right down the middle as you go in the front doors in the second 'room.' They had about three or four shelves set up with scenes of the various pieces. There were no older finds--just current pieces. There were baskets with the different pieces sitting at the bottom of the display. Anyway, if you are ever in the North Dallas area, it would be worth a visit. It's on a street off of Midway Road. Midway Road is not far from the Galleria Mall on I635."


Linda was kind enough to let me know about two pieces of information she picked up from Dean at a signing. I've corrected the FAQ to reflect this.

New houses: Fitz and Floyd won't be releasing any new houses until 1999. They're working to keep all new houses to the same scale as the other ones. Shoot! The houses are our favorites.

Love Doesn't Come with Instructions: Looks like the explanation we took as fact has been wrong all along! Dean said the title Love Doesn't Come with Instructions was never considered for the piece. It actually belongs to a piece that will be introduced in the future. The only explanation he could give for the mix-up was that paperwork bearing the title Love Doesn't Come with Instructions was near the model of Fragile...Handle with Care and assumptions were made. So it looks like this was just a goof at the factory.


GCC & NALED pieces: I guess the main new thing to happen recently is the arrival of the latest GCC and NALED pieces. A One Mouse Open Sleigh is now available from GCC dealers, and Mackenzie the Snowman is available from NALED dealers. Get them while you can! The next GCC piece for May is called Peek-a-boo. Yes, this is the same name as one of the older pieces.

New pieces: Fitz and Floyd has released two new Easter pieces, Chickie Back Ride and Paint by Paws. You can get a sneak peek at them at Tatonka Collectibles under "Summer."

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