86/110 Holiday Wreath Ornament  

2001 Annual (dated) 
Original selling price: $11.50
Introduced:  2001
Issued:  2001       
Retired:  2001

The Holiday Wreath Ornament is dated 2001 and is limited to year of production.  It is considered an annual ornament and will retire at the end of the calendar year.  

In the he left photo is the actual production piece of Holiday Wreath that will be released for 2001.  In the right photo is the sample piece used for the 2001 catalog.  While attending the Flamingo Fling 2001, collectors were able to see the sample piece on display.  Dean explained to collectors this was actually a  sample piece of Holiday Wreath and the actual production piece would have a green wreath with a red bow.  

The bottom photo is a picture of the Certificate of Authenticity that is included with each ornament.

(Image may take some time to load. All original photos are the subject of copyright protection. Thanks to Scooter for the photo.)

Holiday Wreath Actual Production Piece

Holiday Wreath Sample Piece


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