89/601 Fragile...Handle with Care
89/601 Love Doesn't Come with Instructions

Limited Edition (numbered)
Original selling price: $19.00
Introduced: June 1996
Issued: 1997
Retired: 1997
Sold out: 15,000 produced

There are three versions:

Dean said the title Love Doesn't Come with Instructions was never considered for the piece.  It actually belongs to a piece to be introduced in the future.  The only explanation he could give for the mix-up was that paperwork bearing the title Love Doesn't Come with Instructions was near the model of Fragile...Handle with Care and assumptions were made.  

After the error was caught, the name was changed back to Fragile...Handle with Care, and the numbering continued (about 11,800 pieces).  This version has the acorn mark.

The full run was not completed in 1996, so the 1997 run (1,728 pieces as reported by Fitz and Floyd) had to have the leaf mark.  Evidently the factory made another error because they mistakenly left out the line "Limited Edition" and the number.  The bottom stamp included the Charming Tails logo, the name and the leaf mark.

Love Doesn't Come with Instructions is rarer than either version of Fragile...Handle With Care and has a higher secondary value.  Fragile Handle With Care was on the list of top sellers in 1997.    

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