FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS                

98/255  Follow Your Dreams       

Limited Edition of 7,500 (not hand numbered)
QVC exclusive (item # C79869) 
Original selling price:  $17.00
Introduced: September 2000 
Issued: 2000 
Retired: 2000
Sold Out

Follow Your Dreams is the 3rd QVC exclusive since 1999 and their 2nd exclusive in 2000.  This is the first QVC exclusive that is not individually hand numbered.  This piece sold out during the live audience show April 20, 2001 and is no longer available.

When the name card is folded over, you are supposed to be able to read the title of the piece.  However, mine was printed upside down.

Below is a picture of Follow Your Dreams postcard.  F & F sent all Leaf and Acorn club members this postcard to announce the special appearance of Dean on QVC, Friday, September 22nd at 11:00 a.m. EST. 

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