Below are photos showing how some collectors display their Charming Tails collections.  Some of these displays have been entered in contests and won prizes through the F & F website. 

(Images may take some time to load. All original photos are the subject of copyright protection.)

King and Queen of Christmas
(Thanks to Bobbie Beagle for the photo of her display)

Collector Phyllis Lester uses a 3' X 8' table to display her winter village scene.  She leaves the display up until around Easter time.  It looks like some real fun is had by all on the Squashville Ski Slope.  

Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Sweet Street
Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Pumpkin Patch
Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Gramousey Park
Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Lake Charming
Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Garden of Eatin
Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Easter Eggs
Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Fungus Amongus
Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Monarch Meadow
Display by Sharon "Mausnut"

Beach Scene
Display entered in F & F website contest March 2001.  Winning display done by Sharon "Mausnut" 


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