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New Hampshire Charming Tail-ers T Shirt
This is the design on the front of the T-shirt for the New Hampshire Charming Tails club that is sponsored by The Christmas Dove.  You can purchase this T-shirt for $12.00 plus S & H  by contacting Jean Banks at cosmo@worldpath.net

Squashville Social Club 2001
Designed by Stacey jsecsgucs@desoto.net 

Squashville Social Club 2000
Designed by Patsy fratsy@aol.com 

Squashville Social Club 1998
Designed by Dean Griff

Squashville Social Club 1999
Designed by Larry and Kim Wiedemann

The Acorn Gang Charming Tails Club Button 1999
Designed by Bob & Darlene Nelson
(thanks to Phyllis Lester for the photo)

Eastern Conn. Charming Tail-ers Club 1999 Button
Designed by Phyllis Lester
(thanks to Cindy Zugay for the photo)

Acorn Pin
This pin is from the Squashville Gang, a local Charming Tails Club in Florida
(date unknown)

Charming Tails Dean Griff Club
rom Best of Tymes Collectibles
Dunedin, Florida
(date unknown--store has no more available)

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