SFMBC Music Boxes

The music boxes were made by Silvestri for the San Francisco Music Box Company, a chain of music box stores. They were based on existing pieces, just with a music box bottom. 

The San Francisco Music Box item number is identified by an 8 digit number starting with 41.  Fitz and Floyds item number is identified by the 6 digit number starting with #889/.  The original retail price for each musical ranged from $34.95 to $39.95. All musicals are now retired and sell on the secondary market on average between $60-$120 each.

Below is a photo of both the Bunny Buddies SFMB musical and Bunny Buddies from the Charming Tails line to show the comparison between the musical and the actual figurine.

Variations:  In the Collector's Value Guide (pg. 89) the base on 2 of the musicals shown in the photos are slightly different than in the photos below.  On The Berry Best musical, the bottom of the base has brown (representing dirt/ground) up to the first row of flowers.  The photo negative used in the catalog is also reversed.   

On Catchin' Butterflies, the photo shows the very bottom of the base to be painted brown (representing dirt/ground) up to around the second row of flowers, than the remainder is green for the grass.   

Important Note: All original photos are the subject of copyright protection and may not be used elsewhere. 

The Berry Best
Issued/Retired; 1997
"My Favorite Things" Variation 
Bunny Buddies
Issued/Retired: 1997
"Getting To Know You"

Catchin' Butterflies
Issued/Retired: 1997
"Edelweiss" Variation


Hangin' Around
Issued/Retired: 1997
"It's A Small World"
Midday Snooze
Issued/Retired: 1997
"I Dream A Dream" from Les Miserables

Reach For The Stars
Issued/Retired: 1996
"When You Wish Upon A Star"

Spring Flowers 
Issued/Retired: 1996
"You Are My Sunshine"

Thanks For Being There
Issued/Retired: 1996
"That's What Friends Are For"

The Waterslide
Issued/Retired: 1997
"A Whole New Worl

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