97/715 Happy Birthday  

Original selling price: $17.50
Introduced: January 1994
Issued: 1994
Retired: 2002

The 1996 catalog (p. 8) has happy Birthday with a red flame tip, whereas the 1997 (p. 7) and 1998 catalogs (p. 6) have a plain yellow flame.  As far as we know, the only ones produced have the red flame.  

Happy Birthday with the acorn mark and felt bottom has a pale pink wrapper; the candle is dull with a black/red tip; the cake is light yellow; and the mouse is pale; and tail is pink (almost white).  

Happy Birthday with the leaf mark has a glossy candle and red tip; the cake is brighter yellow; the mouse is darker; and tail is pink.  The mouse appears to be fatter and more frosting on the mouse's foot.  

Below is a sample of a box label naming this piece, "Birthday" Sitabout.  Attached to the hang tag was a paper saying "Here's Wishing you A Full Birthday!"   

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