89/110 Apple Of My Eye 

Limited Edition (limited by year, no limited numbers)
Original selling price: $19.00
Introduced: February 2000
Issued: 2000
Retired: 2000

There were 2,500 pieces of Apple Of My Eye pre-signed by Dean for the QVC show in June, 2000.  During the show he mentioned there was an apple orchard on his parents' farm.  In the spring there was apple blossoms on the apple trees.  When his father harvested the apples, he made apple cider, and his mother made apple pies.    This piece was listed as one of the top sellers in 2000.

Dean made a print for the 1999 Flamingo Fling called You're The Apple of My Eye.  He informed collectors at the show there would be a figurine  released in 2000.  There are slight differences in the figurine probably to make it more affordable.  There is only 1 apple on the figurine compared to 2 apples on the print.  On the figurine a small apple blossom was added in front of the apple on which Maxine is sitting and Mackenzie's tail is wrapped around his backside rather than laying on the base like the print. 

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